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Items of Interest at Four Seasons

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The TALO / John Wayne Centennial Ruger Vaquero

$995.00 credit card $975 cash or check

   This special edition is, by far, the most elaborate project that TALO has undertaken. After more than a year of planning and design, the gun has emerged as fitting tribute to an American hero.

Our idea was to try to show the relationship between the values that Wayne symbolizes and the efforts of Bill Ruger�s proud factory and the artistry of an American farmer turned engraver.

   The red Ruger box features a special dome label and a commemorative John Wayne sleeve. A descriptive booklet is included with each gun.

An example of the booklet is on the site.  

The gun starts with a highly polished, specially serial numbered (JW001), 4 5/8 inch royal blue .45LC Vaquero. The engraving design is the work of Lee R. Griffiths, Hyde Park, UT. , see The frame, cylinder and barrel are embellished with sophisticated American scrollwork. The loading gate, recoil shield and back strap are also enhanced.

The barrel displays the Wayne signature in 24 kt gold. Baron Technology faithfully reproduced Lee�s design on the final product. Our grips are uniquely checkered walnut panels that display a carved JW in each side. The project is produced under a limited license from John Wayne Enterprises.

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New item....Made in Massachusetts by a long time Four Seasons customer. (Patent Pending)

Stop by the shop and take a look at this unique brass catcher. Introductory price: $125

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Brass Catcher in Action