Financial transactions must take place on Saturday August 11th to 

NOT PAY THE MA 6.25% Sales Tax! If we decide to open on Sunday we will send out a special notice.


In order to avoid all lines on Saturday, you may come in to the shop all week and give us your credit card information, a posted dated (August 11, 2018) check or cash. Your order will be processed on Tax Free Day and you then pick up your "Paid in Full" purchase at your convenience next week.


What are we doing this year to help reduce the waiting lines for those who would like to purchase at the shop on Saturday?

* We have scheduled extra staff  to work on Saturday.

* We will have a "Take a Number" machine by the front door so that we can take care of our customers in the order that they arrive
at the shop as quickly and efficiently as possible.


* We are adding 3 more work stations to process the State FA-10 forms more quickly.


* On the 9th and 10th you can PRE-REGISTER for a firearm purchase at:

* We will have 2 people at each register all day.

* Our automated system will process your NICS background checks quickly



If you do not have the State provided PIN with you we cannot complete your firearm purchase.

If you did not receive or can't find your State PIN call 617-660-4722 during business hours
Monday through Friday 9am - 5pm

***Please take a number if you a purchasing an in-stock firearm or special ordering one***



** Do not take a number if you are buying only ammo and/or accessories.**


 Sorry, we cannot do transfers, mount scopes, take in consignment, install sight or install Apex trigger kits on Saturday.



In the past, there has been a $2,500 limit on tax free purchases. We assume that the same rules will apply this year. When/If the tax free holiday is confirmed, details can be found on the Massachusetts Dept. of Revenue site.