Services that we offer

Incoming transfers from out-of-state

 $40 each.

This includes receiving, processing, filling out state and federal forms, calling in the NICS background check, going over the Attorney General's Consumer Protection disclosures (for handguns), recording the transaction as per B.A.T.F. rules, etc. There is a lot of work involved in doing a transaction.

Regarding handguns: Please call us to make sure that the item that you are bringing into MA is compliant with all laws and regulations. If it is not MA compliant we will have to send it back.

Call us at 781-932-3133 and we'll send our Federal Firearms License (FFL) to the shipping dealer.

Please make sure that your name and daytime telephone number is included in the box so that we can call you when your package arrives.



* Please note: We are happy to do incoming transfers. However, it usually takes about 24 hours to log in all the guns that arrive on a given day due to the high volume we do.




Buy the gun, scope and mounts from us and we'll mount and bore sight it for you at No Charge.

Please note that the gun must be factory ready to receive a scope mount system. We do not drill and tap.


Mounting and Boresighting: $20

Boresighting only:  $10



All new firearms come with a factory warranty.. Please read your owner's manual for details. Unfortunately, the manufacturers do not reimburse us for shipping, insurance, packaging time or doing the necessary paperwork on an item being sent back for repair.

If you bought the firearm from us we charge a flat $25 fee to pack and  ship your firearm to the factory as a courtesy to you. This just barely covers the cost of shipping, insurance and labor. All handguns must go Next Day Air. (Heavier and more expensive firearms may cost more to ship due to increased freight and insurance costs)

If you bought the firearm from another dealer the charge is $50.

 We will call you when your repair returns.

Please note that Federal laws allow an individual to ship a firearm to a repair center. Make sure that the return address you use is one where someone can sign for the package. You don't want to find you firearm on your door step!

Pickups from Police Departments

If your firearms are being held at a police department, call Jim or Carl for assistance.

Depending on the location of the town and our staffing, we will do our best to work with you in picking them up and selling them for you.

There is a $100 (minimum) pickup fee plus a transfer fee per gun or $75 per hour whichever is more.  The paperwork involved with firearms is very time consuming and costly. This is another service that we provide to our customers as a courtesy and would like to recover our costs.

Transfers between individuals

$25 per item.