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Sentry Gun Safes

New Items: Stack-On Security Products

Quick Access Safe with Electronic Lock

Model # QAS-1200

  • Exterior Dimensions: 10W (25.4 cm), 12-1/4D (31 cm), 8-1/4 H (21 cm) Dimensions include key pad.
  • Shipping Weight: 18 lbs.
  • Interior Capacity: All storage plus 1 removable shelf
  • Number of Shelves: 1
  • Locking Points: 1-Steel Cam
  • Master Carton Dimensions: 10.78" W, 13.5" D, 9.3" H
  • Color: Black
  • Notes: When storing firearms it is recommended that safes be bolted to the floor, a shelf or wall for added security.
Special Introductory price: $89.95




Quick Access Safe with Electronic Lock

Model # QAS-450

  • Dimensions: 10.0W X 12.5"D X 5.625H
  • Shipping Weight: 14.5 lbs
  • Interior Capacity: All Storage
  • Locking Points: 1
  • Notes: When storing firearms it is recommended that case be secured by mounting to a shelf, the floor, the wall, or with a steel cable.
  • Master Carton Dimensions: 6.5"W X 10.5"D X 12.75"H


Portable Security Case with Key Lock

Model # PC-95K



LED Directional Light

Model # SPAL-300


  • 3 light heads each with 4 LED lights pivot independently for directional lighting.
  • Manual on/off switch with 2 levels of brightness.
  • Battery operated - no wiring needed.
  • Easy to install with mounting plate or hook & eye tape (both are included).
  • The lights can turn on automatically when the safe or cabinet door is opened when using the optional motion detection setting.


  • External Dimensions: 11-3/4 W X 2-1/4D X 1-1/2H
  • Power Source: Requires 6 AAA batteries (Batteries are not included)



Coming in the Fall....


More Heritage Gun Safes



 GUN VAULT: A FS "Best Seller"

- Improved high-strength Lock Mechanisms

- Precise fittings that are virtually impossible to pry open with hand tools

- Over 12 million User-Selectable Access Codes Available

- Audio Feedback instantly confirms correct Keypad Entries

- Audio Disable feature allows "stealth" mode operation

- Battery Power for maximum security

- Tamper Indicator notes invalid entry attempts

- Built-In Computer blocks access after repeated invalid keypad entries

GV1000 Mini:  SPECIAL $89.95            GV2000 Multi: $129.95


 Gun Vault Micro Vault
MV 500

  • Outside is constructed of heavy-gauge steel.
  • Soft foam on the inside protects the pistol.
  • High-Strength lock mechanism performs reliably, time after time.
  • Precise fittings are virtually impossible to pry open with hand tools.
  • Built-in computer blocks access after repeated invalid keypad entries.


  • Conveniently located keypad is easy to use.
  • Unique No-Eyes Keypad allows for quick access.

Out of Stock temporarily

Gun Vault Speed Vault

SV 500

Keep your handgun safe, secure and ready for action with the SpeedVault. Offering a revolutionary design, the SpeedVault is equally as fast as it is discreet. It is the ideal choice for a home or business looking for added security
  • Digital Keypad
  • Multiple mounting options
  • 18-gauge steel construction
  • Backup override key included
  • Audio and LED low battery warning

Out of Stock temporarily

Gun Vault Nano

Designed for permit-to-carry holders, this handgun storage box easily fits in a bag, under your vehicle seat or in a briefcase.

The Secure-It is 8.25" x 6" x 1.75 inches, and will hold all J & K frame revolvers with up to a 2.5" barrel & semi-automatic handguns with up to a 4.5" barrel, securely with its memory fitting foam.

Secure-It may be: Permanently Mounted, Discreetly Carried, or Cable Secured

A mobile security box is very useful in your car, to temporarily secure your handgun while visiting the post-office or posted locations, and also in hotel rooms or other homes away from home when traveling. Your responsibility to properly secure your firearm (when not under your direct personal control) doesn't end at your front door either.

Secure-it is made in the USA and meets TSA airline firearm guidelines.

For added protection, Secure-It comes with a 1,500lb test security cable. When wrapped around any firm object and slid into the notch on the storage safe, both Secure-It and any valuables inside will be temporarily fixed to that object.

We try to keep these in stock all the time.


Gun safes are exempt from Mass. sales tax:
http://www.state.ma.us/legis/laws/mgl/64h-6.htm (See last item)

Our Best Selling Locks



Keyed                     Combination                      Cable

Massachusetts MA State Police approved firearms safety device that meets M.G.L. c. 140, 131K which requires that any firearm (handgun) or large capacity weapon sold within the Commonwealth must be sold with a safety device designed to prevent the discharge of such weapon by unauthorized users.

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