MA Compliant Springfield Armory Pistols that are in stock as of 11/16/17.
Subject to change. These models are recently MA compliant and demand is very high.

Range Officer 9mm  5"
1911 Range Officer model Springfield Armory handgun
$769.95  /  $754.55
8 9mm and 12 .45acp In stock as of 11/16/17

XDS 9mm 3.3" Single Stack
XD-S 3.3" single stack 9mm polymer pistol.

$409.95 credit / $399.95 cash, check, debit
In stock as of 11/16/17

Colt O1072 CCS  9mm Stainless Steel 5”

$969.95 credit  $950.55 cash, check or debit
4 in stock as of 11/16/17

Colt O1970CCS .45 and Colt O1972CCS 9mm
5” blue finish
Your choice for $869.95 credit $852.55 cash, check or debit
2 9mm in stock and 13 .45's in stock as of 11/16/17

Ruger 1911  10mm
$759.95 credit       $744.75 cash, check or debit
 in stock as of 11/2/17

Smith & Wesson 1911 E Series .45
$799.95 credit      $783.95 cash, check or debit
We have several other Smith & Wesson 1911's  in stock including Performance Center 4.25" and 5" both at $1295 each


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XDS .45 3.3" Single Stack
3.3" XD-S single stack .45ACP polymer handgun.
$449.95 credit / $439.95 cash, check, debit
20 in stock as of 11/16/17

XD Mod.2  9mm 3" Sub-Compact

$449.95 / $439.95
We do not have any of these as of 11/16/17

XD Mod.2   .45acp 3.3" Sub-Compact

$479.95  / $469.95
20 in stock as of 11/16/17

XD Mod.2 9mm 4" Service

$449.95  /  $439.95
7 in stock as of 11/16/17

XD Mod.2 .45acp  4" Service

$479.95  /  $469.95
15 in stock as of 11/16/17

EMP 9mm 3"
1911 Enhanced Micro Pistol model handgun
10 in stock as of 11/16/17

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While you are searching for products to purchase you will come across items that are not legal to sell in MA like new Glocks, Springfield Armory pistols, various Beretta models and others because they are not certified for sale here. You will not be able to order these non-compliant products. You will have access to purchase only items that are legal to sell in MA.  

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