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When you bring in your trades, consignments or repair guns to the shop, we ask that you make sure they are unloaded, the bolts are removed from bolt action rifles, magazines removed from semi-auto pistols , shotguns and rifles and the actions AND cylinders are open.

If you must unholster your carry gun or other loaded firearm, please let us know FIRST and we will take you to the designated area for unloading.

   When handling firearms in our shop, make sure to keep all muzzles pointed in a safe direction at all times.

Thank you for helping us keep Four Seasons, our customers and staff safe.


MORE ON SAFETY. We received the following from one of our long time customers.....

Carl, I have been shooting for more then 40 years and in law enforcement for 23 years and a loyal customer of FSG's as long as I can remember. I have always made safety my top priority, have taken many classes and have learned much over the years but no matter how much we try or do one never knows what could happen.... these are X-rays of a bullet fragment that kicked back from the backstop at a local range, It may appear to be small but when it hit me it felt like a 16oz hammer blow. I was fortunate enough to have my safety glasses on for if I didn't and it was 5/16" lower it would have entered my eye socket. Never assume anything ALWAYS WEAR PROPER SAFETY EQUIPMENT...  Respectfully, Joe Q.

Thank you for sharing this with us Joe and we are happy to know that you are OK. Carl

A personal note from Carl: When we have a family celebration like a birthday or anniversary my family really enjoys going to the Burlington Capital Grille.

They offer excellent food, service and atmosphere. If you have a special event coming up, Susie and I highly recommend this restaurant.

This is not a paid endorsement or advertisement. We just wanted to share this with you.


Thank you for your donations!



Are you looking for an owner's manual or instruction booklet for a new or old firearm?

Try this site:


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Supporting local soldiers from Massachusetts with care packages from home.

Do you have a friend or relative from Massachusetts currently serving in Iraq or Afghanistan that you would like to send a care package to?

All you need to do is provide this organization with some information and they will take care of the rest. It's that simple!

Please click here for more information on how you can help.


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Our best selling cleaning kit


Click on the M-Pro7 kit for more details



We have tons of ammo in stock. Stop by and check out our prices.



Check out the Spitfire pepper spray videos

There are lots of new additions to our extremely popular USED GUN PAGE this week!

We sell lots of Sentry safes

GQ5453 - Gun Safe

Click here for details



Personal note from Carl to dog owners:   Our veterinarian (Dr. Meade in Burlington) put Holly on Deramaxx when she was having arthritis problem and the results were excellent.

Check with your vet and see if Deramaxx is appropriate for your dog. If so, you may notice an improvement!

Several customers have told me that they tried this product with great results.

Click on the link above for more information. There are some potential side effects.