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We are now an authorized Smith & Wesson Law Enforcement / Individual officer sales dealer.

Officers from municipalities, State agencies, Federal agencies and college police departments:

All we need is a letter from your department or agency stating that you are "authorized to purchase and carry a Glock for official duty use". The MA regs (CMR 940 16.00 et seq) specifically state that we can sell post 10/21/98 only for this purpose: "Official duty use".

We have the M&P's in stock at very special Individual Officer prices. Call us for pricing.

Payment must be made at the time of order. Please bring your letter with you. We need to submit it to the distributor. If the item is in stock at the warehouse, delivery is less than 1 week.


We no longer sell Law Enforcement Glocks. Please call Sue or Michelle at Interstate Arms in Billerica. 800-243-3006. They will sell you the Glock and we will handle the transfer for you.  Only full time / active police officers can buy post 10/21/98 Glocks. Please bring your police credentials with you. We need a copy for our records in case we get audited by the Commonwealth.

The key words in the letter are: "This firearm is for official duty use only"



Which pre-owned Glocks can individuals who possess a MA LTC "A" permit buy?

Any Glock model listed on the MA APPROVED FIREARMS ROSTER that was manufactured prior to 10/21/98

Most of the refurbs we have in stock have 5 lb. triggers.

PLEASE NOTE:  3rd generation guns are extremely scarce because they were introduced very close to the cut-off date.

Glock 22  .40sw

Go to

These guns were manufactured prior to 10/21/98 making them legal to sell in MA.

We are constantly looking for pre-10/21/98 Glocks. Check our very popular USED GUN page often for new arrivals. If you see something that is of interest to you, call us.


Upgrade your MA compliant Glock with a set of genuine Trijicon night sights.


We are offering the green on green model for only $119.95 INSTALLED.




Below refers back to 2004 when Glock released MA guns but they were later recalled because the MA AG's office did not agree with the loaded chamber indicator that was on these guns.

FEBRUARY 25, 2005: We received another request from Glock regarding new pistols sold between May 13, 2004 and June 29, 2004. The 2nd request is the same as the first. If you return your Glock pistol you will receive  refund for your purchase price including sales tax.

Glock Inc. has asked Four Seasons to request that new 3rd generation Glock firearms identified as Massachusetts compliant (NY2 trigger, a label on the box stating that they were Massachusetts compliant, etc.) which were offered for sale in conformance with the Massachusetts Attorney General regulations and sold commercially in Massachusetts between May 13 and June 29, 2004 be returned to the selling dealer for a full refund, which will include the 5% MA state sales tax. The Massachusetts Attorney General has determined that these models are not MA compliant.  Below is a letter that was sent to all customers who purchased a new Glock between 5/12/04 and 6/30/04

Click HERE to read the Glock letter that all Masachusetts dealers received.

Click here to read the MA Attorney General's July 16, 2004 Consumer Advisory on Glock Handguns

Four Seasons
76R Winn St.
Woburn, MA  01801

July 16, 2004

 Dear Valued Customer, 

The Massachusetts Attorney General has determined that the new Glock pistols recently sold as ´┐ŻMassachusetts Compliant´┐Ż do not comply with their regulations. 

Glock, Inc. is asking that you return your new Glock firearm purchased between May 12, 2004 and June 30, 2004 to our store for a full and complete refund. 

If you have any questions please call me at 781-932-3133. 

Sincerely, Carl Ingrao (Proprietor)


This was our initial notice:

6/2004: Sales of new Glocks have ceased until further notice.

Go to our Glock page for the latest information and links to the MA Attorney General's office site where they have posted notices on this matter.

We will let you know as we receive information from either Glock and/or the Attorney General's office.

Make sure you sign up for our online mailing list so that you stay up to date on news breaking events as we get them.  Click HERE now to sign up.

In a separate letter and in a Boston Globe article, the Massachusetts Attorney General's office is "encouraging" and "urging" customers who bought these Glocks to return them.

Only pre-10/21/98 models are legal to sell MA.

Commercial sales of brand new post 10/21/98 Glocks have ceased.

If you left us a deposit on one please stop by the shop for a full refund.

 We will keep you posted on any new developments.


We cannot under any circumstances sell or transfer any new Glocks until further notice.

Please call Glock for further information. We do not know the details.

SORRY, we cannot sell Glocks unless they were made prior to 10/21/98.

 We do not sell or change Glock trigger springs and/or connectors.

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