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Winchester .45acp 230 grain FMJ ammunition
200 round Value Packs $66.95  This is about 33 cents per round!

Winchester 12 gauge 00 Buck
100 round Value Pack in an O.D. metal ammo can
$69.95 per can.  This is less than .70 cents per round.
(50 cans available)

Winchester .38 special 130 grain FMJ ammunition
300 rounds in a metal ammo can
(Very limited quantities on the .38 Bulk Packs)

CCI BLAZER BRASS .380 acp 95 grain FMJ ammunition
350 rd Bulk Pack
$92.75 per pack. This is 26 ½ cents per round.

Federal .22LR 36 grain copper plated ammunition
1600 round Bulk Pack
$68.95 per pack.   This is 4.3 cents per round.

CCI Blazer BRASS 9mm 115 grain FMJ ammunition
500 round Bulk Pack
$89.95 per pack which is $.18 cents per round


CCI .22LR Standard Velocity Target in 500 rd bricks
CCI Standard Velocity Rimfire Ammunition 0035, 22 Long Rifle, Round Nose (RN), 40 GR, 1070 fps, 50 Rd/bx
$29.95 per brick of 500 rds.




.CCI brass cased Blazer 9mm 115 grain FMJ:

$8.99 / box of 50



Ammunition produced by Sig Sauer
We have the new “365” V-Crown and the Standard V-Crown line of hollow points
The 365 is optimized for peak performance out of shorter barrel pistols.
Introductory Special Pricing is $14.99 per box of 20 rounds
For specs on the 365 line click HERE and the standard line click HERE

Winchester Service Grade 7.62x51mm Ammunition
FMJ Boat-tail bullet / Made in the USA
Runs great in M1A’s and other .308 rifles
Only $14.99 for a box of 20 rounds! This is not a misprint!

Winchester Ammunition
Image result for ww9c winchester
500 rounds of 9mm 115 grain FMJ

$99.95 includes the brand-new metal ammo can!


Winchester 5.56mm ammunition
180 round “Value Pack” of 62 grain Open Tip target ammo
Only $59.99 per pack. This is 33.3 cents per round!

Federal Ultra Target .22LR 36 grain copper plated hollow point ammunition
2,100 rounds in a very nice Flambeau plastic ammo “can”
$89.95 / can  This is only 4.2 cents per round.
Compact Ammo Can dry box,ammo,ammo can, ammo stoarge,ammo boxes,ammunition storage,ammunition boxes


Sellier & Bellot
Price per box Your Cost per round
S&B .380 FMJ 12.99 $0.26
S&B .45acp FMJ 14.99 $0.30
S&B 9mm 115 gr FMJ 8.99 $0.18
S&B 10mm FMJ 15.31 $0.31
S&B .357 mag 24.99 $0.50
S&P .357 sig 21.99 $0.44
S&B 6.5 Creedmoor 13.57 $0.68



We try very hard to keep the prices on the site up to date. However, we sometimes miss a change. The prices marked on the products in the store are all correct.


We are trying to keep up with all the ammo price changes. Every effort is being made to keep this page as current as possible. However, we may have missed a few items. The prices at the shop are the most current and are what will be charged.

Thank you for your understanding.



All sales of ammo must be made at the shop. A valid MA permit must be presented every time you make a purchase. No exceptions.


Massachusetts state laws prohibit shipping these items to a MA resident's home.



A note from FS HQ in Woburn, MA: We do not assess a "surcharge" for credit card purchases. In MA this is an illegal trade practice.

The credit card prices noted are our everyday low prices.

Due to our slim profit margins we do appreciate payment by cash, check or debit card. We do accept MC, Visa or Discover. No AMEX.

On some new firearms we can offer a discount for not using a credit card.

Box Top

 No limit on 9mm, 40sw and .45acp when we have it!

Hydra-ShokFederal Cartridge Company Logo

Hydra-Shok features a unique, patented center-post design and notched jacket. It delivers reliable, controlled expansion for efficient energy transfer and stopping power. Hydra-Shok is designed for law enforcement, hunting, home defense and personal protection.
9mm 124 grain or  40sw 180 grain
.45 230 grain or .38 special

: Hydra Shok in 50 round boxes is no longer available through commercial  sporting goods stores. We have been getting it in 20 round boxes.


Looking for a gun club to join?

Click on CLUBS from the main menu.



Holly as a pup.

THESE PRICES ARE "NET". No further discounts for case lots available.

This ammo is steel cased, not reloadable, very reliable and excellent for informal target shooting. Subject to stock on hand.


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If not, click HERE now.


We are happy to be a sponsor of WRC Racing again this season. Bill Chapman (aka The FS accountant) and his crew will be racing at Epping, NH, in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. A few years back Bill won "Best in Class". We wish him all the best in future seasons.
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FS Guns is on both rear quarter panels

holly2.jpg (30923 bytes)PMC Banner/Button Exchange
The "Holly Special" pricing on PMC pistol ammo that made her famous several years ago continues on.

Sorry, we do not ship any ammunition to any state. All sales are made at the shop.




We try to maintain the widest selection of ammunition, components and accessories of any gun shop in Massachusetts!

THANK YOU for shopping at Four Seasons.
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PMC is not the ammunition powerhouse that it used to be but we like this catchy graphic.

We sell more ammo than any dealer in the state because of everyday low prices and selection.

Great care has been   taken to ensure accuracy on our web site. However every once in awhile we (I) goof.



Therefore, we are not responsible for typographical errors. Thanks for your understanding.