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The following Sig Sauer Pistols are back in stock this week:

P238M .380 Rosewood
We have 20 of these in stock. Includes one 6 round magazine, night sights, a carrying case and a lock.


Sig P938M 9mm Rosewood
The 938 Rosewood looks very similar to the 238 shown above but only slightly larger and with ambi safety.
1 magazine, night sights, carrying case and MA approved lock are included
10 in stock

Sig P238M Equinox .380
This shipment of 28 .380acp P238M Equinox’s came in with 2 magazines…
1 flat mag and 1 with finger rest plus night sights, case and lock.


Mossberg and Maverick Shotgun New Arrivals

Maverick 88  12 gauge pump action #31023
18” barrel with black synthetic stock
$179.95 credit     $169.95 cash, check or debit
50 available at this price

Mossberg “Tactical Chainsaw” 12 gauge Pump #50460
Only 5 came in today

Mossberg 590 12 gauge #50589
5 available this week


Maverick 88 12 gauge Home Defense / Hunting Combo
Only 5 of these as well


S&B 00 Buckshot:  $7.99 for a 10 pack
Remington 12 gauge slugs: $4.99 for a 5 pack


New from HK: The 9mm VP9 in Midnight Bronze
We have 2 versions of this great looking VP9…

a) 2 magazines and high visibility sights: $579.95
10 of these came in
b) 3 magazines and night sights: $669.95 
Only 5 of these arrived
Please note: HK recommends that you break-in your new VP9 with 124 grain NATO ammo which we have in stock.
After 100 or 150 rounds, 115 grain will be good.


The new Massachusetts compliant Smith & Wesson stainless steel Victory .22LR with 5.5” barrel sold out quickly last week but we ordered a lot more.

Call the shop at 781.932.3133 and get on the waiting list for the next delivery.



Thinking about buying a Springfield Armory handgun this weekend.
Check out our large selection and
great prices. We have all the MA compliant Springfield’s in stock as of 3/7/18.




Colt O1970CCS .45acp     and    Colt O1072 CCS  9mm
Stainless Steel 5 inch

$913.95 credit  $895.23 cash, check or debit each
Call for availability


Colt O1970CCS .45 and Colt O1972CCS 9mm
5 inch¯ blue finish
Your choice for $822.95 credit $806.49 cash, check or debit each
Call for availability


Colt O5070XE Gold Cup Trophy in either .45acp or 9mm
Stainless Steel frame and slide
This is the top-of-the-line competition target model
$1555.95 credit    $1524.83 cash, check or debit
click on the image for complete technical specifications


O5870 Series 70 Gold Cup National Match .45acp
$1188.95 credit   $1165.17 cash, check or debit
Click on the image for complete technical specifications

Beretta Model 92FS 9mm
92 FS
Each 92FS comes with 2 ten round magazines. Call for very special pricing.

CCI .22LR Standard Velocity Target in 500 rd bricks
CCI Standard Velocity Rimfire Ammunition 0035, 22 Long Rifle, Round Nose (RN), 40 GR, 1070 fps, 50 Rd/bx
$39.95 per brick of 500 rds.

Smith & Wesson M&P Shield 9mm
We sell a bunch of these every day especially now at the very special price of $299.99. The Shield has become the best selling 9mm compact pistol of all time at the shop!
Come by the shop and check one out. This price will not last forever.

Special Shield Bonus: Once you have completed the State and Federal paperwork and legally own your new S&W Shield, we can install an APEX trigger kit for only $89.95 + MA tax. (Regularly $99.95) This will improve the trigger pull and trigger reset dramatically. We can usually do this while you are at the shop.

For a complete listing of MA Approved Springfield Armory pistols
Click HERE

Henry Golden Boy .22LR lever action rifles are back


Federal 5.56mm 62 grain ammunition
$49.95 per box of 150 rounds which only .33 cents per round
I'm not sure if the rebate is still going on for these.  Click on the link to check

Federal American Eagle .40sw Range/Defense Combo Pack
100 rounds of range ammo and 20 hollow points.
Below cost over-stock special: $39.95.

Take a look at for our latest pre-owned arrivals.

More and more customers are enjoying the shopping experience of our online store¯.  If we don't have it here in Woburn, you may be able to get it through our online store. Select GUN SEARCH
Your purchase will be sent from Arizona and generally arrives here in Woburn within 3 business days.



For Springfield Armory Pistols that are now legal to sell in Massachusetts click HERE

Ruger 1911  10mm
Call for availability


Smith & Wesson 1911 E Series .45
$799.95 credit      $783.95 cash, check or debit
Back in stock #108482

We have several other Smith & Wesson 1911's  in stock including Performance Center 4.25" and 5" both at $1295 each

What is our ONLINE STORE?

When you log into the "online store" you will be able to look at the complete inventory of an affiliated firearms wholesaler in AZ that stocks most lines of firearms available in the United States. What you see at the Online Store is not what we have in Woburn.  

While you are searching for products to purchase you will come across items that are not legal to sell in MA like new Glocks, Springfield Armory pistols, various Beretta models and others because they are not certified for sale here. You will not be able to order these non-compliant products. You will have access to purchase only items that are legal to sell in MA.  

Give it try and visit our online store Select GUN SEARCH


Congratulations to Jeff P. on winning the 2017 Sig 9mm P320C Thanksgiving raffle!
Jeff is a former U.S. Army Paratrooper.
Thank you to all Four Seasons customers! You purchased $2218 worth of tickets. We will round it up and send the nice folks at HAVA a check for $2500. Thank you again! Carl