You can now fill out your Federal Form 4473 at home and

have it waiting here when you arrive.

Please complete the paperwork 1 day or less before coming to the shop. Any entry over a day old will be automatically deleted by the system.

Start your purchase on-line by filling out your part of the necessary form (4473) prior to your store visit.

This will save you time and will make the process quicker when you arrive at our location.

Just follow the directions below to take advantage of our new paperwork process.

Or, if you prefer, you can fill out the paperwork here at the shop.

1: Go to

2: Type in your email address/password then LOGIN if you have used this before. Click Login then Choose the Sign Up prompt if you have never used this.

3: Choose the "Aimiebook Member" option

4: Create an account with all the necessary information.

5:  Select the Online EKiosk button

6:  Check the zip code button then enter 01801

7:  Select
Four Seasons

You will now start the 4473 process with audio prompts.  If you want to understand the prompts more thoroughly you can click the instruction button for written explanations.

PLEASE NOTE: On one of the screens it will ask for your UPIN. Do not put anything in this box. LEAVE THIS SPACE BLANK. This is a federal PIN that most people don't have. If you put something in this box we will not be able to do the NICS check and you will have to fill out the form again.

Also, the system purges entries over 48 hours old. Don't fill out the form too far in advance.

A few things that you should know before you sign on....

1) If you completed this online form before in the past and used your email account -
The system already has already created an account for you and you
will not be able to create another account using the same email address.
You will need to click on Forgot Password link to reset their password using your email account.

2) If you are signing up for the first time, they will need to choose the type of account. Select MEMBER