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This page was  updated 3/23/17


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Sig Sauer P320C (Compact) 9mm is in stock as of 3/23/17
Sig Sauer P320 Compact 9mm
This Massachusetts compliant 320 Compact comes with a manual safety,  2 ten round magazines, factory installed night sights and a MA approved lock.
$599.95 credit  $587.95 cash, check or debit



S&W M&P 15-22 Sport .22LR rifle
$389.95 cash, check or debit  $399.95 credit

SIG SAUER Romeo4A Compact Red-Dot Sight (Red-Dot Illuminated Reticle, Graphite)
Sig Sauer Romeo 4A Red Dot $299.95

Call us at 781.932.3133 for a special package price when you buy a M&P 15-22 rifle and a Sig Sauer Romeo 4A red dot sight together!
While supplies last!

Bodyguard .380 Winter Special 

      Large image of (SKU). Click to zoom.   Large image of (SKU). Click to zoom.

Without laser  $279/$269    
With Crimson Trace laser $369


Where did the Beretta, Ruger, Springfield Armory, Mossberg, Savage and Henry rifles go to? Well...they are where they are supposed to be, on the New Long Guns page.

Smith & Wesson E Series 1911 .45

S&W #108482  Our best selling 1911! $849.95 credit  $832.95 cash, check or debit. Stop by and we’ll go over all the features and benefits of this pistol with you.  As I have suggested over the years….Everyone should have at least one 1911 in their collection.

The IWI TAVOR 5.56mm rifle
Call for availability
$1899.95 credit  $1861.95 cash, check or debit

The Ruger $299 Special: The SR22 3.5” .22LR
Our most popular .22LR pistol!   $299.95 includes 2 ten round magazines

The 4.5” SR22 is only $20 more.


Ruger LC9s 9mm is also only $299.95
Includes a 7 round magazine
Extra 9 round mags available at $39.95


The Ruger MK IV .22LR Target Pistols are in stock! 

Target Model #40159 5.5” bull barrel

$499.95 Credit   2% less for cash, check or debit

Hunter Model #40160 6 7/8" SS fluted barrel

$649.95 credit  2% less for cash, check or debit


To Pre-Register and reduce waiting time at the shop, go to

We have the HK VP9 9mm with gray, black or flat dark earth frame.
The models we have has 3 ten round magazines and factory installed night sights. $649.95 credit   636.55 cash, check or debit


HK P30SKS 9mm with 3 mags and night sights is in stock.
$669.95 credit or $656.55 cash, check or debit.
In stock as of 3/23/17


Federal Premium® Gold Medal® Rimfire rounds are built with precision bullets and ultra-tight tolerances that ensure peak performance and consistency for the highest levels of competitive shooting. $59.95 per brick of 500 rds

HK P2000SK 9mm with 3 mags and night sights  $679.95.
Pay with cash, check or debit and pay 2% less.

HK 45C compact
3 mags and nights sights. $1049 each or with 2 mags and standard sights they are $950


The Smith & Wesson 9mm Shield
Large image of (SKU). Click to zoom. Large image of (SKU). Click to zoom.
$359.95 cash, check or debit $369.95 credit Available in 2 configurations. Both come with an 8 and a 7 round magazine and a lock.


Ruger Mini-14 5.56 Rifle Special
Ruger 5.56 caliber
#5801 shown above $699.95

  • Check out New England Firearms Academy at and click on COURSES for more information on the required MA safety course and the UTAH permit class that allows you to carry in 30+ states


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Auto Ordnance .45 acp 1911 Parkerized
With wood grips. Only 6 available at $599.95 credit or $587.95 cash, check or debit


Sig Sauer P238M .380 is in stock.
Included are a flush fitting mag, a finger rest mag, night sights, holster, Hogue rubber grips and a MA approved lock.
Image result for sig sauer p238 sport 12

$549.95 credit   $538.95 cash, check or debit 

Smith & Wesson 9mm Range Kits
$549.95 credit  $538.95 cash, check or debit

Personal note from Carl: Are you thinking about buying a new or pre-owned Harley-Davidson motorcycle?  I got mine back in June from Scott Dunn at Boston Harley-Davidson in Revere. I could not be happier with my buying experience as well as the follow-up visits for my 1,000 and 5,000 mile service, getting accessories and clothing. 

Call Scott  at 617-389-8888 or stop by and visit this great store.
Full Disclosure: I do not receive any compensation for this. I am just a very happy Boston Harley customer.

Where did all the ammo deals go to? We are trying to get the site more organized for you and put them where they belong, on the AMMO PAGE.



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If we don't have it in stock we can generally order it for you.



Have you visited our "Online Store"?

Ruger LCR .38 special 5 shot Revolver 

Tamer grip    Barrel Length1.87"     Weight13.5 oz. +P rated

$349.95 for a limited time

Click HERE to see how the Smith & Wesson Performance Center 1911's are made. Call for availability of the 5" 1911 PC .45. $1395

Are you having difficulty focusing on your sights and the target?  
Dr. Stewart Ginsberg who is our eye doctor, an avid shooter, a FS customer and a friend, can help you with this situation. Contact him at or visit his web site at to schedule an appointment. Offices are located inside Lenscrafters in Burlington and Natick.



Ruger .22LR MKIII 22/45 Target Pistols (#10107) in stock and at $319.95. Ruger is no longer making the MKIII series. When these are gone, that's it.

Smith & Wesson Model 686 .357/.38 Stainless Steel Revolver
Large image of (SKU). Click to zoom.

686's are made in 2.5", 3", 4" and 6"
If we don't have the length you want we can usually order it
Ruger 9mm Model 9E
Specially priced full size 9mm striker fired pistol with one ten round magazine
$359.95  credit   $349.95 cash, check or debit SOLD OUT. More on order

Smith & Wesson 1911 .45 E Series in Stainless Steel

Large image of (SKU). Click to zoom.
This is a beautifully made 1911 and a great value at $815.95 credit and $799.95 cash, check or debit!

Each pistol comes with 2 eight round magazines. Stop by the shop and check one out. SW #108482
Sig Sauer SP2022M 9mm with night sights
This is a mid-size lightweight polymer framed 9mm pistol with 2 ten round magazines and factory installed night sights.
For complete in-depth details on the Model 320 go to:

Smith & Wesson SD9VE 9mm

Large image of (SKU). Click to zoom.
9mm with 2 ten round magazines.


For the most recent information regarding the MA AG's 7/20/16 "Enforcement Notice"  go to the G.O.A.L. site at   

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When you log into the "online store" you will be able to look at the complete inventory of an affiliated firearms wholesaler in AZ that stocks most lines of firearms available in the United States. What you see at the Online Store is not what we have in Woburn.  

While you are searching for products to purchase you will come across items that are not legal to sell in MA like new Glocks, Springfield Armory pistols, various Beretta models and others because they are not certified for sale here. You will not be able to order these non-compliant products. You will have access to purchase only items that are legal to sell in MA.  

Give it try and visit our online store Select GUN SEARCH

For a complete listing of our Springfield Armory M1A "Loaded", SOCOM and Scout .308 inventory click HERE


PLEASE NOTE: We can no longer sell or transfer AR platform or AK style rifles or receivers in MA due to the recent ruling by the MA Attorney General's office.

If you see any of these rifles advertised on our site please call me and I will remove any listings for these rifles that I may have missed. Carl


To Pre-Register and reduce waiting time at the shop, go to


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Pepper sprays can now be purchased without a gun license or pepper permit. You must be 18 or older.

Blackhawk Pepper Spray
We have many other colors and sizes of pepper spray to choose from.
Prices start at $8.99.  Must be 18 years of age to purchase



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Have you ever been Delayed or Denied by the FBI NICS program?
Click HERE



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          A.R.C. holsters for Shield and LC9s are back in stock!







Bring your State PIN with you. If you do not have one call 617-660-4722 before coming to the shop.

We cannot sell you a firearm if you do not have a PIN.

If you love pets, check out the 3 Friends of Holly pages 

Improve the trigger pull and the reset on your MA S&W Shield or M&P .45/9mm/.40 with an Apex Duty/Carry trigger kit. $99.95 installed


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The Beretta 92FS 9mm.
Call 781.932.3133 for special pricing


SHIELD 9mm pistols with or without thumb safety are both in stock

Large image of (SKU). Click to zoom.
Call 781.932.3133 for excellent pricing.

Call for Special Pricing on Individual Police Officer Shield.




If we don't have it at the  Woburn store, you may be

able to get it through our online store.


When you bring in your trades, consignments or repair guns to the shop, we ask that you make sure they are unloaded, the bolts are removed from bolt action rifles, magazines removed from semi-auto pistols , shotguns and rifles and the slides and cylinders are OPEN.

If you must unholster your carry gun or other loaded firearm, please let us know FIRST and we will take you to the designated area for unloading.

   When handling firearms in our shop, make sure to keep all muzzles pointed in a safe direction at all times.

Thank you for helping us keep Four Seasons, our customers and staff safe.


Are you looking for an owner's manual or instruction booklet for a new or old firearm?

Try this site:


You Must Have a State PIN in order to buy a firearm in MA!

Effective Tuesday July 23, 2013 we will no longer be able verify your permit number with your fingerprint when completing the State Form FA-10.
The ONLY way we will be able to complete your transaction is with your State provided Personal Identification Number (PIN).
If you did not receive a PIN or can�t find it, call the Firearms Records Bureau at 617-660-4722  Monday through Friday between 9am and 6pm.
Please put your PIN in your phone under Four Seasons so that you can access it when you come in.
Again, we will not be able to complete your purchase unless you have a State PIN starting on Tuesday 7/23/13.

This is a statewide change involving all MA dealers per the Firearms Records Bureau.

Thank you. Carl


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Click HERE to see where all that raffle money from the 2015 Tax Free Saturday went to.

Are you having a firearm
transferred in through us? Please read our Transfer FAQ section



Note from Carl: Our inventory changes very quickly these days. We try to update the site during the day but we may miss something. Please call the store to check stock at 781.932.3133 before making the long trip.


We are frequently asked "What are the MA laws regarding transporting a firearm in a vehicle?"

Go to G.O.A.L.'s page for an explanation.  



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